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What is Modern Classic Style in Interior Design

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The neoclassical style is about elegance and sophistication. This style is more modest, classical home designs and muted than the conspicuous display of wealth that the Rococo era of the late 1700s exuded. The elegant lines and the concept of luxury are less gauche than the more conspicuous predecessor. The English architect Robert Adam was instrumental in taking various elements of Western architecture and interpreting these different cultures into a new style with Roman and Greek architecture at the forefront of the inspiration. In the modern-day Neoclassical interiors have become well-loved for their timeless elegance. Here we present the most important features of this style and the associated lifestyle.

Neoclassical interior style – features and functionality.


Colors: The colors in the neoclassical style are generally mild: cream, gray, blue, yellow, and green. Luster black, red, gold, and silver are used mainly as patches of color to highlight the overall style. A gentle and pervasive flower theme creates a chic look from floor to ceiling.

Neoclassical interior design – colors and furnishings.

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Decorations. Urns, jugs, Wedgwood china, pottery, and statues are typical in neoclassical furniture and emphasize a luxurious appearance. Large mirrors, flowers, artwork, and decorative moldings adorn neoclassical walls and ceilings.

The neoclassical aesthetic combines luxury and opulence with a relaxed atmosphere to provide an elegant aura and charm.

Elegant living room with a touch of neoclassical.

Neoclassical interior style - the elegance of the 18th century

High living room ceiling.

Neoclassical interior style - the elegance of the 18th century

The opulence of the neoclassical.

Neoclassical interior style - the elegance of the 18th century

Bright palette of colors and decorative ceiling.

Neoclassical interior style - the elegance of the 18th century

Neoclassical luxury salon.

Neoclassical interior style - the elegance of the 18th century

Japanese elements combined with neoclassical style.

Neoclassical interior style - the elegance of the 18th century


Neoclassical interior style - the elegance of the 18th century


Neoclassical interior style - the elegance of the 18th century

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We presented to you all about the modern classic style in interior design and the principal characteristics of this style.

What Defines  Modern Classic Style

The classic interior house design originated from European culture. Like Victorian and Art Deco also the Greeks and the Roman are the main inspirations of this style.

Mixed by classic design and the modern design, the result was the European modern classic interior design.

modern-classic-styleKnow your colors and materials

The furniture of this style is a combination of classical home design and design classical. With a touch of minimalist style, classic interiors and a combination of modern style with simple style.

The furniture is not very modern but still trendy today. It is simple and has less carving on it. The main color for this style is brown, beige, black, chocolate brown, gray, silver, white, and grayest blue shades.

To have this combination of classic and modern, color is the main ingredient.


Change a bit

You can make this style more attractive to you by adorning this space with several nice accessories, but do not exaggerate it.

You can choose decorations like a vase of a single flower, big painting on the wall, and some geometric patterned throw pillows.

As for the windows, you can leave them bare to bring more sunshine into the modern classic houses. However, if you do not want too much light, you can install window blind for simple window treatment.

How can you have a modern classic living room?


As I wrote previously, the color has much importance in the ambiance.
The high-contrast combination is sophisticated and dramatic.

You can combine the color of furniture, space, decorations to create the perfect modern classic style.

Keep it more simple as you can, and choose the perfect palette for your project. The main colors of this style are gray, silver, white, black, dark chocolate, and grayest blue shades.


Simple lines, accessories, and spa interior designs, is the strongest look. Use a vase of a single flower and put it on the table.

Paint your wall, if you like geometric patterns good use that for examples on some pillows.



The furniture of the modern classic contemporary style has a specific design to transmit all the essence of this style.

Since the choice of materials to the colors, every detail is more precious to incorporate and create the perfect space.

Today more than a trendy spa interiors design is the moment and the comfortable ambiance to live there.


With a transitional european interior design, flooring is neutral. Soft-colored carpets or wood floors in warm tones are generally used. Because flooring is neutral, the classic modern interior in the carpets or rugs is important. Berber carpets, hides, and sisal rugs are popular choices for transitional style.


Inspiration design books hope you liked this article and help you to understand better this style. Read also about mid-century style.